Be an Active Mum!

For a lot of mum’s the only running around they seem to do is the running around after their kids.

There is no doubt that all mum’s (or parents for that matter) want the best for their kids.  What a lot of parents don’t realise is that quite often the best thing they can do for their kids is to set a positive example. Make the time to be active and look after your own health.

Children learn by example. A parent’s attitude and involvement in exercise will impact their children’s level of participation.

Be a healthy role model by regularly participating in physical activity yourself, and where possible participate together.

“We have parents working out with their kids at Cityfit every day,” said Operations Manager, Alisha Pollard.

“If the kids aren’t old enough to go to adult classes or use the gym, we have a group fitness program, Move It, which was developed specifically for children.

“Move It teaches kids how to exercise anywhere, and teaches them good technique to build strength and stamina. The program is fun but tough, it seems the harder our instructors make the classes the more the kids like it!”

Alisha added that ”it doesn’t matter where you are active, a gym, the sports field or a park, the important thing is to involve your kids and show them the positive difference it makes to your health.”

Today’s kids are forming habits based around a sedentary lifestyle, help them break these habits by creating a greater level of activity around the home and in the everyday.

“Encourage your kids to help you with the gardening, washing the car or house cleaning, not only are they ‘moving’ but they will get a great sense of satisfaction from a job well done,” said Alisha.

 “Walk short distances instead of using the car and restrict their ‘screen time”, she added.

The sooner you start creating your child’s healthy habits the better! Build on a young child’s natural instinct to use their body by taking every opportunity to play with them. Show them basic ball throwing, skipping, and jumping. Research has shown that children with poor basic skills tend to avoid sports.

“But it’s not all about sport, said Alisha. Any activity will be beneficial for your family. Focus on creating fun, fly a kite, have a disco in the lounge room, play a game of tennis or frisbee –teach them and show them the joy of movement!”

The best time to start is today! Every step you take towards a healthier family will make a difference!

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