Cityfit Aqua Bootcamp makes
a strong splash!

In a first for the Bathurst fitness scene, Cityfit have launched an AQUA BOOTCAMP program which takes aqua fitness to a more intense and stronger level.

The first class held on Tuesday (February 3) at 6.05pm and was booked out with a mix of people keen to try their first aqua class and regular participants wanting to take the next step with a more intense workout.

“High Intensity Aqua (H.I.A) programs are proving very popular in metro areas because they provide a strong cardiovascular and strengthening workout, in the low impact environment of water,” said Cityfit Group Fitness Coordinator, Amy Gleeson.

“The Cityfit AQUA BOOTCAMP will include high intensity leg and arm training, core and abdominal conditioning and cardio intervals. The workout will also utilise aquatic resistance bands,” added Amy.

The program will benefit anyone looking for an intense workout while taking advantage of the benefits of working out in the water.

Amy listed four key reasons why working out in water can help you burn fat more efficiently:

  1. The pressure of the water surrounding your body improves blood circulation thus making it easy for your body to burn fat
  2. Being in the water forces your body to take up diaphragmatic breathing taking in more oxygen per breath aiding in the fat burning process
  3. Due to the difference in the water temperature and that of your body, cold-induced thermogenesis activates fat cells in your body to produce heat thus burning fat
  4. Water resistance helps work your whole body boosting muscle strength increasing your basal metabolic rate

Cityfit already has a very popular Aqua Fitness program, with five standard classes per week. Amy said, “This new class will build on the success of Aqua at Cityfit by bringing more variety into the program and appeal to a more diverse market at a higher fitness level.”

“The Cityfit team are focussed on constantly developing new fitness challenges and programs for our members - Aqua Bootcamp marks another FIRST for Cityfit.”

“Based on the popularity and feedback we get from our members on this new program we hope to make Aqua Bootcamp a permanent part or our club,” said Amy.

For more information about AQUA BOOTCAMP or any other program at Cityfit contact the club on 6331 4344.





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