A trainer that educates and motivates

As more people pursue a career in the Fitness Industry than ever before, a customer can be spoilt for choice when contemplating an investment in their Fitness.

So what should you be looking for in a trainer to ensure you learn about your fitness and get the results you are after?

1. Look to learn and laugh
Research has shown that for any fitness regime to be successful a person needs to feel motivated, confident and see that they are getting results. Look for a training program that evolves and educates - this will keep you motivated as you gain confidence and will increase your understanding of what you are doing.

“A positive learning environment needs to be at the heart of any training program,” said Cityfit’s Personal Training Coordinator Aaron Austin.

We want to give our clients the knowledge to sustain a healthy and active life, but this can’t be a dry delivery, our trainers bring energy into the room to make the sessions fun and rewarding.”

2. Simple success

Functional Training Programs are gaining popularity around the world as people reap the benefits of creating strength, agility and speed using simple movements and minimal equipment.

“Functional training, helps you function better, it’s really that simple,” said Aaron. “We are teaching our clients how to push, pull and squat in the most efficient and effective way.

Armed with the correct technique our clients make huge improvements to their overall strength and fitness which benefits them in all aspects of their life.

A simple program will also be easier for you to perform independently, get your technique right and then you are only limited by your own commitment and imagination.

3. One size does not fit all

A good trainer will screen their participants extensively; understanding their limitations while connecting to their goals.

“The human body is incredibly complex so you need a trainer that has the qualifications and experience to assess your fitness level properly. Based on that assessment a good trainer should develop a program that is right for you, that challenges you, but doesn’t break your spirit rather, it inspires you to keep improving,” said Aaron.





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