Want to get fit?
Workout in a group!

Don’t give up on your Fitness Goals; overcome the common hurdles that prevent many people from sticking to their fitness resolutions by working out in a GROUP.

1. Beat the Boredom - Tackling an hour on a treadmill or cross trainer is not for everyone, one minute can feel like one hour, though in a class environment time tends to fly by.

The variety of movement, class format, music and a social connection with other people will make working out FUN. Your hour workout will be anything but boring as you are distracted by all the other elements of the class.


2. Multiply your Motivation – When you are part of a group or training with a buddy you feel accountable and you make the extra effort to attend the session for them.

“We find the biggest hurdle for people is finding the motivation to actually get to the gym,” said Adam Carey, Cityfit’s Personal Training Coordinator.

“That’s why we ring members of our FXT program that miss their training sessions, and as result we have over 90% attendance at our Small Group Training Sessions and our clientsare getting fantastic results.”

People will also find that the extra motivation and guidance they receive from an instructor or trainer in a class helps them stick to their fitness program, “they work harder and they get better results,” added Adam.


3. Kick-start your Confidence - Quite often people just don’t know where to start with exercise, lacking the confidence to really develop or change their workout” said Cityfit’sGroup Fitness Coordinator, Amy Gleeson.

“Classes are the perfect solution. In a class you are moving for the whole 30, 45 or 50min,they are full of variety and designed to target key parts of your body,” Amy said.

“There is no reason to be nervous as you will be given options for all fitness levels.”

“We remind our members that everyone in a class once did that class for the first time, and not to be put off by not knowing ‘the moves’. It’s more important to enjoy yourself, our club culture is so positive, no one judges anyone,” Amy added.


4. It’s the Time Poor Solution - “Our 30 and 35minute classes are very popular, because they’re quick and effective,” said Amy.

“Our POWER HIIT class is High Intensity Interval Training and it’s one of the toughest and most efficient workouts you’ll ever do. Just one class a week will increase your cardiovascular fitness and boost weight and fat loss.”

The consistency of a Group Fitness timetable and sheer number of classes (over 60 a week at Cityfit) also gives time-poor people the flexibility to find a class that suits their schedule.

“We encourage members to treat their classes like appointments, put it in your schedule for the week and commit the time to your health,” said Amy.

Find out more about Group Fitness at Cityfit by visiting cityfitbathurst.com.au/groupfitness





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