Aaron instructs a client on her functional fitness technique for optimal performance.


Creating a healthy habit

The difference between exercise and other habits or hobbies we pursue is that exercise and striving to become healthier will have a profound effect on all aspects of your life. Your energy levels will increase; you will be more capable of handling stress and have more strength to get through every day.

So why don’t we all have this healthy habit called EXERCISE?

People don’t know where to start, they lack confidence, they think everyone’s watching, and they think they are doing it wrong! said Aaron Austin, Cityfit’s Personal Training Coordinator.

“The reality is we have had to learn everything we do in life, we’ve learnt to eat, walk, read and write or drive a car, and everyone would benefit from learning to exercise”.

“When you receive the guidance and coaching to exercise properly you will immediately have more confidence, more motivation and get better results from what you are doing. You will inevitably become hooked on the energy you create in your day, you could say that you would be well on your way to creating a healthy habit. ” said Aaron.

There has been a lot of research surrounding how long will it take to form a habit, and there is no magic number, according to any google search it can take anywhere from 21 to 250 days. Though there is more insight into how to form a habit, top tips include starting with simple things, to gain support and to set short term goals, these are key to setting you on the road to developing a healthy habit.

So as our New Year’s Resolutions fade into Autumn, don’t let one of the most reoccurring resolutions, to get fit and healthy, be an just annual aspiration – make a plan to help make it real.

“I train people to be every day athletes, to help them move with strength and confidence, which gives them untapped energy and an ability to cope with stress,” said Aaron.

“My team and I focus on helping our clients set fitness goals, teaching them about exercise and the effect it has on their mind and body. Most of all we make it fun, we mix it up and we motivate clients to achieve things they never thought they would,” added Aaron.

“Motivation, strength training and group fitness I believe are the three key ingredients in helping anyone create the healthy habit of regular exercise, if your habit plan ticks those three boxes you’re well on your way to a healthier version of you,” said Aaron.





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