"I'm making greater results than ever before and it's quite exciting!" -
Jai shows us his determination in changing his health.


Jai's journey of justice

Last time we spoke with Jai in June 2013, he had been on a weight loss journey for just over a year and had already lost 58kg’s! Now, 6 months later, Jai has continued to gain fabulous results and has lost a further 12kg’s! On top of this he has shredded inches off around his waist thighs and hips!

Over the past 6 months, Jai’s training has changed quite a bit. He currently trains 5 days per week at Cityfit and changes his resistance program every 4-6 weeks in order to keep things fresh and rotate through different exercises!

“I do tend to spend longer in the gym these days and my intensity has increased quite a bit. I’m always pushing myself to do better than I did the week before and with this attitude I’m making greater results than ever before and it’s quite exciting!

With his confidence and self-esteem increasing on a weekly basis, Jai now tells us he no longer feels embarrassed to be seen in public and that this itself was worth all the weight loss.

“I had always limited myself to where I would go or just wouldn’t leave the house at all and now I’m never home and have more friends than ever and I couldn’t be happier,” he said.

Jai has a few long term goals and plenty of short term ones! At the moment his aim is to increase his lean muscle mass and strength!

“The number one thing I have learnt with weight loss or any exercise is that it’s not about a fad diet or magic pills, it’s a lifestyle change and hard work with a strong will. I was the laziest person I knew and I was creeping up to weighing 200kg within a few years - if I can turn that around and be where I am now, then anyone can,” Jai said.





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