77kgs later, Jai reaches his ultimate goal...

Three years into his journey and Jai has reached his ultimate goal - Jai now weights under 100kgs!

When we first spoke with Jai he weighed 176kgs, now 77kgs lighter he is on top of his world.

For the last year Jai has been floating around the 110kg mark, he was actually 118kgs after Christmas.

"I changed my diet and started training 5 times per week, I also increased my cardio to 3-5times per week of high intensity work (for me that means keeping my heart rate above 155bpm for 30min.

His KEYS to SUCCESS - Diet and Exercise Consistency.

His says he likes Cityfit because, “I just like it!, the people are friendly, it’s clean and there are now Yahoos!”

Congratulations Jai you have worked so hard over the last three years, but most importantly you have kept on going. Your consistent training and sustainable approach to nutrition has delivered a fantastic result that you truly deserve.





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