Bungee jumping sent her
over the edge!

Jayne can clearly remember the moment she knew she had to change. She was weighed preparing for a Bungee Jump and the realisation that she was now 80kg kicked her into gear.

Jayne joined Cityfit 6 years ago with long term goals to “get fit” and “lose weight”. But it’s the short term goals that have kept Jayne going, she loves to travel and recently needed to be in top condition to hike 145kms in 12days at 5416feet.

Since joining Cityfit Jayne has lost 17kg, she is a self-confessed “BODYATTACK JUNKIE”, and doesn’t mind the odd STEP class either. She follows her own weights program and has refined her nutrition to focus on whole foods, (avoiding pre-packed stuff).

Jayne originally chose Cityfit because of the location and convenience of “getting” to the gym. She now chooses Cityfit because of the friendly staff and the culture of the club…..it’s also still sooooo convenient to get to, she added!

Congratulations Jayne, we know you don’t want people to think you are showing off, what we are all focussed on is what you have achieved while you have been at Cityfit, keep up the great work, you are an inspiration !






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