Keep kids moving!

Approximately 75% of young people in Australia participate in some form of sport or organised physical activity. Though the overall physical activity levels of our children is well below the recommended 1hour a day of Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA). In fact only 19% of Australian children are physically active enough to enjoy the benefits of this lifestyle.

Active kids have better aerobic fitness, bone health and experience positive mental health benefits. Active kids are at a lower risk of being overweight or obese, forming type II diabetes or metabolic syndrome. Research has also shown that physical active children are more likely to mature into physically active adults, who in-turn will inspire their children to be more physically active.

So how do we get our KIDS MOVING?

1. Reducing inactivity is as important as increasing activity.

Today’s generation of children are more likely to play inside. In 1957 around 20% of the top ten leisure activities for kids were classified as indoor, this figure had increased to 50% by the year 2000.

Children should not be spending more than TWO HOURS A DAY (particularly during daylight hours) in front of a screen – switch the screen off!


2. Practise active transport

In Australia active transport rates have declined by 42% since 1971. In New South Wales alone the percentage of children walking to and from school has declined from 50% to 33%. Our reliance on cars has made us and our children more sedentary, it has also made our roads busier and consequently parents are less comfortable with children playing outside (it’s a vicious circle!).

To overcome any safety concerns, walk, cycle or run with your kids. Walk to the shop, park further away from your destination or incorporate physical activity into family outings.


3. Include Aerobic Fitness

Cityfit’s Operations Manager, Alisha Pollard said, “People can be fit in different ways, they may be strong, flexible or skilful though AEROBIC FITNESS is the most valuable type of fitness for good health.

“Aerobic fitness keeps the heart healthy, improves cardiovascular endurance and reduces your risk of heart conditions in later life.”

“Since 1975 aerobic fitness has declined by about 15% in young people. To put that in real terms, young Australians today would finish about 200m behind their 1975 counterparts in a 1.6km (1 mile) run!

“Our focus at Cityfit is to create an opportunity for the whole family to be fit and healthy. We are the only gym in Bathurst to offer Born to Move classes for children. These classes are high energy, fun and help children learn exercises they can do anywhere.

“Our swim school has the best teacher to student ratios in Bathurst, which gives the kids more opportunity to learn in their class. We also have a purpose build creche’ at Cityfit giving parents the flexibility to make exercise a priority in their day.”

“Active kids become active adults, and active adults foster active kids, get your kids moving as the benefits are endless!” added Alisha





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