Well, hello there Lucy Lawson!

Lucy joined Cityfit just over 18months ago because she just wanted to lose weight! And hasn’t she ticked that box!

LOSING over 18kgs and gaining HUGE amounts of energy, a new way of eating and a commitment to her exercise routine.

Lucy said, “I think there is a kind of an acceptance after you have kids that you are going to be bigger. No I thought, STUFF IT I’m not going to be fat.”

And with that clear decision Lucy joined Cityfit. She spoke to our trainers about what would work for her; they also gave her tips on how to eat better. Most importantly Lucy stuck to her plan!  

“My new diet has had a positive effect on my whole family, we don’t eat take away anymore, instead we have heaps of veges, more protein and fruit,”

“I have so much more energy and more confidence. In the past I just stayed at home, but now I’m always out and about,” added Lucy.

Congratulations Lucy you completely deserve all the success and happiness you have created!





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