Looking back, joining FXT
was a brilliant decision!

Maree Markwick joined the FXT program at Cityfit just over one year ago. She joined to support her friend Nicole who had researched the program but didn’t want to join by herself.

"So we joined together and we kept each other motivated and committed to coming to training sessions," said Maree.

"The small group format suited me perfectly, it was a private room with only four people so I got virtually one on one coaching, which helped me learn and achieve more than I had ever imagined."

"My first sessions were with Coach Adam, and if it wasn't for his ability to make me feel so at ease while training I might not have stuck with it," she said.

"I am really not that coordinated, said Maree, "so I struggled in other group fitness classes because the choreography often moved too fast. In FXT the moves are simpler, all you have to think about is moving as much as you can, as fast as you can."

"One of the best things about FXT is the people, the other members and trainers. The environment is so supportive, it's really helped my confidence. I'll go to the gym by myself now, I would've never done that before," she said.

Maree and her partner, Clive, have been together for 27 years though early this year they thought they would make it official and announced they were getting married on April 1st (some of their friends thought it was an April fools joke).  With the big day set Maree was excited to buy her dream dress (as you do!) but she actually bought a dress that was a little too small for her (as you do!). Even though the sales assistant assured her that it could easily be let out, it was only after Maree visited a dress maker that she was told that wasn't an option, the only option left was to 'take Maree in'!

Maree was completely committed to her goal - she attended 3 FXT sessions a week and every so often hitting RPM classes too!

"Six months in and I could feel myself getting fitter but I was still frustrated with my weight loss (and NO that dress still wasn't fitting). I spoke to my trainer Mat and he suggested that the problem was in my kitchen!

"Mat and Lisa (CItyfit's Food Coach) gave me some simple guidelines around serving sizes and meals that helped me understand food more, so I could see where I was undoing all my hard work at the gym!

"This made all the difference, and gradually I could feel my body shape change. And yes that dress DID FIT!"

"When I first tried on the dress (and it didn't fit, but I had to have it anyway) unbeknownst to me Nicole took at picture of the back, it was so tight, I kinda couldn't breathe! The second picture is my back just before the wedding."

"I loved my dress, I felt so good in it on the day! I was so happy to have my dear friends and trainers from Cityfit with me at my wedding, I felt like they all helped me reach my goal. Looking back joining FXT was a brilliant decision!"






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