Our qualified Personal Trainers will help you get the most out of your Cityfit Membership -
just like Peter Sargent, with experienced Personal Trainer, Hugh Sligar!


Getting the most from your exercise investment -
Simple strategies that will keep you on track

1. Get Some Advice.

“A training programme is included in all Cityfit memberships, it’s such an important first step when starting or restarting your exercise routine,” said Aaron Austin, Cityfit’s Personal Training Coordinator.

“We assess an individual’s goals and physical ability, and structure a cardio and weights programme that meets their needs. We also demonstrate the equipment, and show them how hard they should be working to get the best results.

“Our clients get so much from this first training session, confidence to navigate the gym floor and a clear pathway for their fitness journey,” said Aaron.


2. Make a plan.

“The training programme forms a large part of this plan for many of our clients, as this will help them track what cardio and weights they were capable of at the start, but it’s important to note other milestones and measurements,” said Aaron.  

“A starting point may be body measurements, the way you fit into a favourite outfit or fitness level in your training programme.  Your finish point might be a special event or physical activity you want to complete,” said Aaron.


3. Record what you do.

Note what you complete every time you train and gain great satisfaction from the improvements in front of you. Don’t limit your success to weight loss, celebrate the improvements in your fitness and strength levels to maintain motivation.

Remember your training programme should be reviewed every month to ensure you are constantly improving your performance.


4. Never forget Nutrition.

Your food is your fuel and you will not be able to reach your fitness goals unless you are eating real food.

Simple strategies for better nutrition are to avoid processed foods, reduce your serving size and drink at least eight glasses of water a day.  

“Contrary to popular television shows and endless fitness products on offer, the pursuit of better health and fitness is not something you will attain overnight. Your best chance of creating a healthier version of you will come from professional support and a long term plan,” said Aaron.





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