Jason & Mat get the mo's growing!

Grow + Give + Move = MOVEmber

Cityfit General Manager, Alisha Pollard said "Cityfit is proud to be getting involved in the MOVEmber MOVEMENT - a fantastic foundation that is committed to CHANGING the FACE of MEN's HEALTH by raising funds for education, promotion and prevention programs."

"A lot of men don't prioritise their health," said Alisha. "They are busy with work and family commitments. Often they also don't understand that a healthy approach to fitness is about consistency, not ad hoc 'tough sessions' that make you too sore to keep the momentum going."

Everyone will benefit from being physically fit and active, though there are some reasons specific to men that are worth focussing on.

1. Exercise Combats Depression

Depression is a high risk factor for suicide. According to Beyond Blue, in Australia there are approximately 2,200 suicides each year, 80 per cent are by men - with an average of 5 men taking their lives every single day. Suicide is the leading cause of death for men under the age of 44.

"Your doctor or mental health professional will help you develop an action plan to manage your depression and more often than not this plan will include exercise," said Alisha

"Exercise will boost the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, while stimulating the release of endorphins (happy chemicals). Any activity will be beneficial, though a more social setting, where you are with other people will be more favorable as you create a social connection and further emotional support," Alisha added.


2. Exercise will Boost Testosterone Levels

A man's testosterone levels will peak in adolescence and then decline at around 1-2% a year from the age of 30. Decreased testosterone levels can affect a man’s physical and emotional health.

Exercise can help maintain testosterone levels which may deliver many positive effects including: increased production of red blood cells, increased bone density, improved sexual health, improved memory and concentration.


3. Exercise will make WORK EASIER

"A lot of men want to work hard for their family, they want to provide for them and this often translates into long hours."

"So one of the best things a MAN can do to make work easier and more productive is to exercise and focus on their health," added Alisha.

"A report by Dr John Ratey, author of 'Spark- The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain', identified that exercise improves your brain in the short term by raising your focus for two to three hours afterwards. Dr Ratey also showed that exercise can also prevent your brain aging, as blood flow and brain derived protein improve. 

Alisha said that, "Research has shown that the physiological impacts that exercise and good health deliver will translate into more effective work day."

"Research undertaken by Medibank Private in 2005 demonstrated that a healthy employee is nearly three times more productive. On average a healthy person achieved 143 effective work hours a month, opposed to the 49 hours of an unhealthy employee."

"Whatever your motivation, MOVEmber is the perfect time to make a start on improving your health or encouraging the men in your life to make some positive changes. During the month at Cityfit we are taking the opportunity to speak more about men’s health issues, and the benefits of MOVEing," said Alisha.

Join the Cityfit team by GROWING a MO and creating a conversation about men's health, make a MOVE commitment for the month or DONATE today http://mobro.co/cityfitmovember.





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