Strive to be older and stronger...

The most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics survey found that only 50% of Australian adults over 65 participate in any form of sports or recreation.*

This is an alarming fact when you consider that exercise can substantially slow the physical decline associated with aging - in other words, if “you don’t use it, you lose it.”

So let’s put to bed some common myths that older people are frail and weak, that you don’t need much exercise when you get older or that only vigorous exercise will provide any benefit.

The fact is older people need to keep moving, to maintain muscle mass, coordination, flexibility and mental health.

“It’s never too late to get into exercise, said Cityfit Operations Manager, Alisha Pollard.

“The benefits of exercise will be felt fairly quickly. Muscle mass will increase speeding your metabolism, joints will become more supple from regular movement and the oxygen boost that exercise delivers to your brain will,  in time, make it sharper,” said Alisha.

“During Seniors Week we will be celebrating our senior members at Cityfit, sharing their stories on facebook and showing everyone that keeping active at any age will give you energy, strength and HAPPINESS!

“We have members from 9 months to 90 at Cityfit, and we all keep fit and active under the one roof! We share the weights area, the pool or bust a move in a group fitness class together. Age is irrelevant at Cityfit, we just want everyone to be their best.



In Helen Jeuken’s  own words she has gone from, “stumbling around to riding around!”

Helen is a changed lady; 20 months ago she started at Cityfit with an aim to one day buy a bike so she could ride it to the gym. From her early days of just walking on the treadmill, she now has a regular weights routine, cardio sessions and you can’t keep her away from aqua fitness classes.

“I move so much better, I don’t just sit and watch my grandkids, I get down and play with them.”

“Cityfit makes me happy because it gets me moving and gave me the strength to enjoy my life…… did I mention that I ride a bike to the gym!” added Helen.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics. Sports and Recreation: A Statistical Overview, 2012.





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