Peta's healthy success

When Peta joined Cityfit around 18 months ago a chin up (assisted or not) was an impossible ask, exercise was a chore for her and a gym was far from a social setting in her mind.

Fast forward to the present day and Peta is 20kgs lighter, has a PB deadlift of 120kgs, a squat PB of 105kgs and her fitness has grown beyond 'what she thought' were her limits.

"I now run," said Peta. "I always told myself I wasn't a runner, but I run to the gym or I can just run for fun!

"I know it sounds clich├ęd but I am totally that person doing things I never thought I could do," she said.

"The team environment in FXT at Cityfit has made all the difference because everyone supports each other.

"Other members will help you out with a new move, encourage you to work harder or have a laugh with you to lighten the mood."

"Now I look forward to going to the gym (again I thought I would never be like this), our team workouts have a real social element to them because we have fun!"

Peta added that you are often your own toughest critics, not realising the progress you’re making.

"I've had times when I felt like I wasn't  progressing as fast I wanted to,  then someone that I hadn't  seen for a while would comment on how fit and healthy I looked and it reminded me of how far I have come.

"The best thing about losing 20kgs the way I have is I know it will be sustainable, because I have made gradual changes and my fitness is now just part of my life, a part that I really enjoy!"

Day to day Peta has seen her energy levels and her ability to handle stress at work noticeably improve.

"Consistent exercise makes all the difference.  I can see the change in my mood and my ability to cope with things fades if I miss my workouts," she added.


Congratulations to you Peta, the change you have created in your life is a credit to the consistent and positive approach you bring to the gym.

You are a fantastic role model to others and we love having you as part of our Cityfit family!





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