70% increase in strength through Functional Training

Quentin Bland started in Cityfit’s small group training program over seven months ago.

“I have been a member of Cityfit for seven years, but I knew I needed more of a push to really get back on top of my fitness again,” said Quentin.

“My wife had been going to the functional training classes and getting so much from them that I thought this was a class format that would give me the motivation and support I needed.”

Quentin said the level of education in the classes is what makes a difference; he has noticed a marked improvement in his strength and general fitness since starting with his functional trainer Aaron.

“In a small class you receive one on one coaching from the trainer, so you know you are completing exercises correctly, and through improved technique you get better results,” said Quentin.

Quentin’s trainer, Aaron said the functional training classes work particularly well for busy people like Quentin. They are short classes, with a high standard of coaching, “we have members that attend only twice a week and are still seeing an improvement in their ability.”

“Quentin has increased his strength by 70% and his cardiovascular fitness has improved dramatically. Five minute work outs were once tough for Quentin, now a 15 minute workout is the minimum to even start to push his fitness,” said Aaron.

Congratulations Quentin, it’s great to see you enjoying the benefits of your training every day!






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