The Retirement Gift that kept on giving!!

When Ian Pellow retired just over three years ago his family gave him a membership to Cityfit, with a focus to keep active and maintain his strength and agility.

He worked with personal trainers to focus on strength in his back and legs, so Ian could keep doing the things he enjoyed around the house.

“It is really a case of you don’t use it, you lose it!” said Ian. “I want to be able to keep using big bolt cutters or climb a ladder (to my family’s horror), I enjoy being active and getting involved in sporting and community events.”

“Though I would not be able to keep up my level of activity if I had not been given that membership and started at Cityfit,” he said.

Ian comes most days, admitting that some exercise he does at Cityfit he could do at home. “The thing is you just wouldn’t do it at home, you feel more motivated at Cityfit, the environment, the staff and other members all combine to encourage you to do more,” he said.

Like most people Ian felt he lost a big social connection in his life when he retired. Ian said that coming to Cityfit is a real social element in his life. “I have made some great friends at Cityfit, other members and staff are always so welcoming.”

“I have been doing the CXWORX class for the last 6 months, at first I could not do a prone hold, though now I have built up to a 4 minute hold! Yvette helped me with my technique, and it just shows that if you put your mind to it, (you can get through the pain barrier) and achieve anything!”

Congratulations on all your success Ian. You’re a pleasure to welcome into Cityfit every day!






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