Celebrating Safe Swimmers!

To celebrate one of the most important safety milestones for a young swimmer, Cityfit Swim School hosted their first, 'I SWAM MY FIRST 25M' Awards Night on Friday, April 1st at the fitness club in Rankin St.

Swim School Coordinator, Dana Martin said, "Throughout the term our number one focus is teaching confident and safe swimming technique. On Friday night we recognised students that have reached a level where they can now swim 25m, tread water for 30seconds and float on their back for 30 seconds."

"These three skills will help save a child's life when they get into trouble in the water," added Dana.

Every term the Cityfit Swim School has a Safety Week to reinforce the dangers of water to their students and parents. Lessons during the week focus on life saving skills and reactions that will help in a water emergency.

"This year we took our safety weeks one step further by creating an end of term awards night and rewarding our students that have reached crucial swimming safety targets" said Dana.

"We want to continually talk about water safety with our students," said Dana. Sadly 271 people died as a result of drowning in Australia last year (1), an increase of 2% (or five deaths). Water Safety is relevant for all age groups, all environments and any time of the year," she said.

"This awards night is focused on encouraging children to continue to build on their swimming skills, because we want them to become strong swimmers that are instinctively safer in the water."

Cityfit had around 20 students participating on Friday night, cheered on by their friends, family and guided by the Cityfit Swim School instructors.

"Most students are from our Octopus, Crayfish and Swordfish levels, they are 6 to 10 years old and at crucial point in their swimming education. You often forget how much needs to happen at once to swim," said Dana.

From the placement of your head, arms and legs, through to coordinating your breath and getting your direction right, swimming takes time and what these children have achieved should be celebrated and recognized," said Dana.

For more information on Cityfit Swim School go to cityfitswimschool.com.au.


(1) Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report 2015





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