Safety in numbers,
boost Adult Swimming

Adult Swimming lessons are popular across Australia, proving that it’s never too late to learn to swim. 

The Cityfit Fitness Club pool runs private lessons for new swimmers, giving a group of friends the opportunity to share the fun and fitness of learning a skill for life.

Liz Gilchrist, Deirdre Chapman and Zena Montgomarie are the latest adult Learn to Swim recruits in the Cityfit pool, taken through their lessons every Thursday morning with their instructor Sam Ford.

While these three ladies are different in many wonderful ways, they have one thing in common – they have never learnt to swim! Whether it is due to traumatic childhood experiences in the water or just lack of structured lessons, it just never happened. Cityfit to the rescue!

Zena and Liz, long-term members of Cityfit said it was, “the familiar, friendly faces of the staff and professionalism of the club” that drew them in to lessons. Deirdre got the invite at work from Zena and with Cityfit’s central location being so close to home, how could she resist?!

The support and encouragement of learning in a team environment keeps them coming along every week, and much to their surprise – HAVING FUN!

With goals ranging from just feeling comfortable and being able to relax in the water, to swimming a length of the pool, these guys are in it for the long haul!

“These ladies are great,” said their instructor Sam Ford. “I admire their courage for confronting a fear and learning a skill that will keep them safe and healthy.”

According to the 2014 National Drowning Report 87 drowning deaths occurred in people aged 55 years and over. Learning to swim will not only save your life it is an excellent form of exercise that is beneficial at any stage of life.

The benefits of swimming include:

  1. Less stress on your joints as the water supports your body,
  2. It’s a resistance exercise that will strengthen, lengthen and stretch your muscles (excellent for people that suffer from arthritis),
  3. Swimming is a weight bearing exercise that will improve bone health,
  4. Creates excellent calorie burn (around 100cal per 10min of freestyle),
  5. Promotes cardiac health,
  6. Swimming is often referred to as ‘water yoga’ as you simultaneously stretch and strengthen your muscles while the deep rhythmic breathing brings calm and drowns out all other distractions. 

For more information regarding Adult Swimming Lessons phone Cityfit on 6331 4344





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