Sharon is a long term member of Cityfit and has been part of our FXT program for a little over a year. When she started in our functional training product she knew she enjoyed exercise and that if she didn’t get to the gym she felt crappy and tired….but what she didn’t know was how strong she was.

Sharon is a strong lady in many ways; she works full time and is a single mum to her two girls, though her strength is also a standout in the weights room where she regularly dead-lifts and back-squats over 100kg.

“I really enjoy the FXT program, the team atmosphere, the support you get from your coaches and the friendships I have made are fantastic,” said Sharon.

“There is nowhere to hide in small group training session; the coaches make sure you are putting in a 100%, they make sure your technique is right and that you are always improving.

“I also enjoy lunch time classes and the Easy Rider spin classes at Cityfit,” she added.

“People wonder why you would go to the gym for lunch; I find it can totally turn around your day! The class will take your mind off the problem and the energy you have after a class gets you ready to solve things when you get back to work.”

Both of Sharon’s girls are also members at Cityfit. “In between hockey the girls like joining in classes, especially Bodybalance on a Saturday afternoon. They are always asking me what I did in my FXT classes, how much I lifted and how it felt,” she said.

“It feels good to be positive role model to my girls. Honestly there are times I think they would prefer I would do something else (for them) rather than go to the gym, but I’ve told them that I need to make time for myself to give me the energy and head-space to be their best mum. They get it!”

“Training in the FXT program has uncovered a strength of mine (literally) and it makes me feel good to constantly improve. But I’m not good at everything; there are people that are faster, more agile or more coordinated then me. The thing is, in FXT we are not competing, we are celebrating everyone’s unique STRENGTHS!”





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