*New* STARTERS Class -
a gentle introduction to exercise

Meet Connie and Gabby! They joined Cityfit at the start of the year. Their workout schedule focussed on using light weights and completing cardio in our gym upstairs. One Monday morning they saw a low impact circuit class taking place down stairs and they both commented to each other, "that looks like something for us!"

The class they saw was initially developed to cater for past Curves members, utilising simple exercises while building strength and agility. Cityfit is now making this class available to all members. We are calling it STARTERS!

STARTERS will launch on Monday 16 May. It's a 30min circuit based class (Monday and Saturday 8.25am) to help you begin your fitness journey. A gentle introduction to exercise, where you will learn correct technique and be advised on how to ease into your new exercise program.

"It’s a very supportive class," said Gabby. "We complete things at our own pace and gradually build up our strength.

"When I started I struggled to get up off the floor. I still don’t spring off the floor, but I can do it slowly and feel myself getting stronger!" she said.

Cityfit’s Group Fitness Coordinator, Amy Gleeson said, "Group fitness classes are highly motivational environments which ultimately help people maintain and get the most out of their exercise program.

"That's why we have developed the STARTERS class, because it's so important for people to feel motivated, while they learn about exercise."

"The classes are also very social and fun - without those two ingredients the shine can quickly wear off your exercise program!" said Amy.

For more information about the STARTERS class or to organise a FREE trail of the class call Cityfit on 6331 4344.






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