Struggling to exercise?
Here's how to find time to work out!

Lack of time is the biggest reason why a lot of people don’t exercise; this is even more common place with mums. Mums are often drowning in the weekly schedule of after-school activities, work and family life. Cityfit Fitness Club are highlighting three key things you can focus on to help get more active and to get the best return for the time you have invested in your exercise.


1. You don’t have to find the ‘perfect’ amount of time.

"Let's not get hung up on numbers, don't worry about the recommended 30 minutes of  exercise five times a week, be realistic about what you can do and build on that," said Alisha.

"If that means taking a 20 minute brisk walk while someone is at dance practice or using your lunch break to do a 40 minute class, the most important thing is to create a realistic plan using small blocks of exercise that fit into what you do."

"Also plan for progress not perfection," she added. "If things don't go to plan, don't give up on the plan, and most importantly don’t feel guilty."


2. You need to get a little 'intense'!

Make sure you're getting a good return on your exercise investment by focusing on activities that 'step up' your work rate and use as many parts of your body at once as possible.

"High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the perfect class for time poor mums," said Alisha.

"The 30 minute class is based on 30 seconds of intense exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest. Studies have shown this efficient style of training will improve your fitness and metabolism," she added.

Alisha said the increased intensity should also relate to the variety in your exercise schedule.

"Don't let your body adapt to a repeated pattern of workouts, continually mix things up by incorporating different types of exercise like resistance training, cardio sessions, strength or functional training."


3. Make incidental exercise, essential exercise.

"We encourage our members to track their daily steps," said Alisha. "Pedometers force you to be honest with yourself about how much you move during the day. The upside is they also teach you how little you have to do to turn that around," she added.

"Once you start consciously parking a little further away, taking the stairs, walking to a meeting or to pick the kids up, you become better at weaving exercise into your everyday activities without adding to your busy family schedule," said Alisha.

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