Swimming Success: found in small
classes and consistent instructors

Cityfit Swim School recently completed their annual survey of members, an initiative they undertake to help get valuable feedback from customers and continually improve their swim school.

"The results were positive and most importantly, constructive," said Cityfit Swim School Coordinator, Dana Martin.

"We get fantastic insight from the research, said Dana. "Yes it's wonderful to get compliments about our service and the way we organise our school, but it's even more important to give people an opportunity to question what we do without being confrontational."

"Our Swim School has enjoyed strong growth over the last five years," said Dana.

"It's a testament to the professional team of instructors we have working here and our constant focus to deliver what swim school parents value most."

"Our priority has always been to keep class sizes small to ensure children get as much time with their instructor as possible. Coupled with small class sizes we also focus on making sure our students have the same instructor week in, week out."

Dana said that a child's confidence will improve when they have a consistent teacher that they trust, they will try more things and their swimming skills naturally develop.

Cityfit Swim School take the research results very seriously and act on the feedback they receive.

"The majority of feedback we received last year was focussed on the pool deck environment; our customers wanted more seating and better air flow. As a result, in the last 12 months we have added bench seating and implemented significant improvements to our cooling and ventilation systems throughout the whole club," said Dana.

"We have also introduced pool deck supervisors at the start of the term to help parents find the location of their child’s class, introduce them to the instructors and also give directions around all of Cityfit.

"Based on these latest results our priorities for the coming 12 months will be the addition of new family change cubicles on the pool deck, and in response to the popularity of our babies swimming program we will be adding more classes for this group," said Dana.

"In addition to acting on the research results we will continue to improve our swim school. We are working towards applying concepts that we learnt at a Laurie Lawrence training program last year and also having stronger recognition of our students when they reach important swimming milestones, like swimming their first 25metres! "





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