Get training with the team from Cityfit and keep moving this winter!


Avoiding the winter coat...

The colder months, shorter days and comfort food can all combine at this time of year to weigh you down and derail your healthy habits. So how can you avoid the Winter Coat?

Don’t hibernate

Make a plan to keep active during the colder months, if you have developed a strong training routine during summer make a concentrated effort to sustain this and get others to help you. “Keep in touch with your trainer, get a training partner, or engage your family and friends so they are aware of your goals and can keep you on track during these cold short days!” said Cityfit’s Operations Manager, Alisha Pollard.

Take it indoors

“This may seem like predictable advice from a trainer that works in a gym, but the reality is the weather is cold in Bathurst in winter, so you need to identify some indoor activities that are going to keep you moving,” said Alisha.

“This could be an indoor team sport, swimming or an exercise DVD in the comfort of your own home, indoors does not always mean a gym,” said Alisha.

“Try not to think of why you can’t exercise, focus on the reasons why you can and have strategies in place to make this easy. Pack your gym bag the night before, this will help you get organised.”

Get ready to tackle the cold

Simple things like buying a tracksuit and warm gloves can make the idea of getting outdoors for a walk or run with a friend seem realistic. If you don’t have the gear you have another hurdle to overcome before you get moving.

It’s a Wintertunity!

Think of what you could achieve over winter, this is actually a great time to focus on your fitness with less social temptations and the motivation of what you will uncover when the warm weather rolls around again.

“Though if you’re starting a fitness programme this winter make sure you get help”, said Alisha. “A trainer will assess your abilities and goals, then develop an exercise programme to help you get the results you’re after.”

"Surprisingly the costs of accessing a trainer are not what people think. Small Group Functional Training at Cityfit gives our clients one on one time with a trainer, the motivation of working out with others, though is a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training,” she said.

“And as a winter workout there is no excuse not to sign up to Small Group Functional Training, this program is completely indoors, in a purpose built, air conditioned training studio that’s flooded with natural light,” added Alisha.

Take Control of Comfort Food

As we spend more time indoors in winter we can spend more time eating. Don’t give up if you over indulge, remember you are only ever one meal away from getting back on track!





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