Healthy friendships bring

At a time of year when we are bombarded with quick fix diets and workout plans Cityfit remains focussed on supporting members to adopt sustainable healthy lifestyle choices.

“The key is to understand human nature and what will motivate a person to change for the long term,” said Cityfit General Manager, Alisha Pollard.

“We encourage our members to be realistic about what they can maintain, to make gradual changes that will avoid the disappointment and guilt that may come if you sign up for something that is not sustainable.”

One of the most practical (and social) ways to help you sustain healthy choices, like your commitment to exercise - is to work-out with a friend!

“There are THREE KEY REASONS why working out with a friend will help you get better results from an exercise program,” said Alisha.

1. You’ll be more committed as you’re less likely to cancel plans with a friend, which means you’ll work out more consistently and start forming an exercise habit.

2. Enjoyment! The only exercise program you will keep doing is the one that you enjoy. Whether it’s one on one basketball, running or hitting your favourite gym class, ‘sharing’ exercise with a friend will make it more fun as you laugh and learn together.

3. Intensity increases. Most people (whether they admit it or not) are slightly competitive and with a friend nearby you are more likely to push yourself to the next level. A friend can also provide the encouragement and confidence to help you reach new goals.

“We see this all the time in our FXT Team coaching sessions at Cityfit,” said Alisha.

“Someone’s mindset is often what holds them back, it’s the encouragement of a team mate that builds their confidence and allows them to work outside their comfort zone,” added Alisha.
“During October we are giving our FXT members even more opportunity to train with a friend by actually giving them a month’s Cityfit membership to give to a friend or family member.

“This will give our member’s friend full access to Cityfit, and also an opportunity to train with their friend in their FXT Team sessions.

“This is a WIN WIN, the member will get more from their session and the friend gets an opportunity to try one of our most effective fitness programs.”

Alisha added that a Healthy Lifestyle has to be enjoyable, “it may seem too simple to suggest that working out with a friend could make a difference to your health. “Though that’s what long term change needs to incorporate, simple habits that build into a natural positive way of life,” she said.





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