Zena takes part in regular Functional Fitness classes.


'In the fun zone' with Zena

After 8 hours of walking,  Zena reached the top of Mount  Gower!

Zena started our Small Group Functional Training Program in October 2013 with an aim to trim down and tone up for her wedding and to increase her fitness to be able to climb Mount Gower on Lorde Howe Island on her honeymoon!

Since participating in the program 3 days per week, Zena is now able to perform all core lifts, maintain constant physical activity at an increased level, has increased endurance especially when bush walking, and has more strength to be able to do everyday activities! A little birdy told us Zena almost out-lifted her husband when moving house!

Zena has also said that apart from the physical effects of exercise she has also realised the huge benefits that exercise can have for her mental wellbeing.

“With a busy lifestyle it gives me time to myself. When in the ‘Fun Zone’ there is nothing to think about other than the weight you are lifting or getting through the metabolic burn. It gives you time to put everything else to the back of your mind.”

Looking into the future, Zena is aiming to increase her strength and increase her fitness to be able to ride Bathurst to Blayney and to also climb Mount Worning.

“The program has really improved my motivation to develop fitness. From the knowledge that all instructors have shared with us I have learnt so much about health, fitness, and the body!”

Fantastic effort Zena!





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