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Want to put your membership on hold? Gym and Pool memberships only.

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All Members

  • ** Timestop must be applied for at least 7 days in advance
  • Timestop is for a minimum of one week and is only applicable to memberships of at least 6 months duration
  • Member must be absent from Bathurst for the total duration of the Timestop
  • Total Timestop duration cannot exceed 3 months in any 12 month period
  • Prepaid members will have their memberships extended for the duration of the Timestop
  • Prepaid Corporate or Group Memberships are not entitled to Timestop
  • Unless I receive a reply email of this request, approved by a Cityfit Staff Member, I cannot assume this membership has been suspended

Additional conditions for Direct Debit Paying Members

  • Debit members must apply for Timestop at least 7 days prior to the affected debit
  • Debit members cannot apply for Timestop in retrospect

I have read and understand this Timestop Application and agree to all terms and conditions





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